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Project References (Extract)

  • Power enhancement biomass boiler, Urmatt, France, 2015
  • Commissioning consulting, Gardanne, France, 2015
  • Commissioning consulting/supervision Petronas Methanol 1 Labuan, Malaysia 2014
  • Commissioning biomass fired boiler (supervisor for the Principal) 30 MW, Märkisches Viertel quarter, Berlin 2014
  • Feasibility study methanol from biomass: Material and energy balance, design of process gas shift and Rectisol cleaning, MioMCN, Netherlands 2013
  • Concept and pre-basic engineering for waste heat recovery of a coffee roasting plant, Switzerland 2013
  • Flue gas cleaning plant behind sewage sludge combustion, design incl. calculations, Rostov/Don 2013
  • Consultancy for implementation of flue gas recirculation and maintenance optimizationEVA Höchst, 2012-15
  • Consulting services for a plant manufacturer: portfolio extension towards biomass-to-energy plants, 2012
  • Due Diligence, concerning a couple of fluidized bed waste incinerators for a potential investor (sub-contract MVW Lechtenberg) 2012
  • Concept and implementation consulting for the EU call for tender for power plant maintenance (gas-and-steam-turbines, I & C), Energieversorgung Gera, 2010-11
  • Feasibility study sewage sludge incineration , AVUS Ingelheim 2010-11
  • Operation of biomass-to-energy plants HKW Papenburg and Emlichheim, RDF-fired power plants Weener and Stade as department head (52 employees, 10 project managers)
  • Due Diligence RDF preparation plant from mixed and urban waste, Turner & Townsend 2010
  • Process steering and management RDF plant 3 x 90 MW, Frankfurt-Höchst, 2007-13
  • Project management and head of power plant RDF-Power plant Stade(7 employees, 5 project managers), 2007-11
  • Project management biomass-to-energy plants Hamburg-Borsigstraße, Emlichheim, Alkmaar, Weener, Oostrozebeke/B, Bioethanol Stade, 2003-11
  • Project management steam boilerprojects as employee of Eisenwerk Baumgarte Kessel- und Apparatebau GmbH, 1994-2003

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