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About Infraskil®

  • Infraskil ® is the new powerful network for complex engineering solutions
  • Infraskil ® offers highly motivated multi-disciplinary teams for your project
  • Infraskil ® is a network of independent engineers and service providers, of partners and experts with a vast deal of experience
  • Infraskil ® is more than just an engineering office or a staff recruitment office alone:

Infraskil® may offer you:

Exclusive services for you through partners whom we know and trust. The partners know each other from jointly executed projects and services and have common working experience. For your project, we configure teams that you can rely upon.
Our Partners
Dr.-Ing. Christoph Schmid
Talsperrenstr. 21
D-51702 Bergneustadt
+49-2261-501 49 00

Dr.-Ing. Manfred Tomalla mbH
Parkstraße 4
D-57223 Kreuztal
+49-(0)2732 607 6481
+49-(0)171 785 9394

Udo Puchert
Planungsbüro für
thermische Energieanlagen
Dorfstr. 81
33818 Leopoldshöhe
Phone: +49-5202 - 4352
Mobil: +49-173 - 629 10 36

Dr. Arne K. Frick
Am Holderbusch 13 b
D-65817 Eppstein/Ts.
+49-172-343 18 48

Manfred Steinbach
Elektrotechnik und
Leittechnik für Kraftwerke
Friedenstr. 41
34121 Kassel
+49 (0) 561 937218-40

Have you got a complex task, a complex project? Are you tired of getting your project team recruited from anonymous staff databases of recruitment offices? Do you prefer working with experienced teams you can rely upon?

We are different: In close cooperation with you, we manage complex projects and processes in the field of energy, environment, waste disposal, water/waste water, resource optimization etc. We analyze your task and configure right the team fitting to your project. We co-operate with your project partners and - in close contact with you - manage all stakeholders that may be of relevance for your project.

We may act as individual suppliers, consortium, or as main supplier with sub-suppliers, depending on what is best.
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