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Coming together is a start, sticking together is progress, working together is success!"
Henry Ford

My name   is Dr. Christoph Schmid.

2010, after almost 30 years of experience in fixed teams, I   started to work as an self-employed engineer. This allows me to act in an   independent and flexible manner. This way, I can both offer my work in   different teams and can recruit teams from my network of colleagues and   partner companies to your individual needs.
I am chemical engineer. My education was at the Karlsruhe   university, today Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Since 1983, I have   been busy in the field of high temperature processes. The foocus is on   combustion, gasification, pyrolysis and flue gas cleaning. I can handle the   entire process chain, from logistics via the thermal part - incineration,   gasifier, pyrolysis reactor - boiler, gas conditioning and cleaning, up to   gas utilization and the tip of the stack.

Next   to process related matter, I can handle safety and public permission themes.

Since   2019, I also offer my expertise as publicly appointed expert of the Cologne   Chamber of commerce

My   project experience from decades helped me to get the PMP® certificate of the   Project Management Institute (PMI) in 2015.
Please give me a call under +49-2261-501 4900.

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